Monday, 20 June 2011

Conference 2012

The 2012 Conference website is up and running!

Check it out at

Friday, 3 June 2011


Welcome to the Greater Edmonton English Language Arts Council blog!

A place to share, a place to collaborate, a place to seek new information.  This is what I hope the Greater Edmonton ELAC blog will do for you.  Over the course of my first year as President of the Edmonton chapter of ELAC, I was sending out emails with information about PD sessions and Conferences.  It is my hope that all people on my contact list (and more!), will now to be able to follow the Greater Edmonton ELAC through this blog.  Save the link as a favorite and start following what is going on!
Information will now be posted on this blog rather than being emailed out to members.  I am hoping that along with me posting information, people will begin to find it as a place to collaborate with their fellow English Language Arts teachers.  I hope that beginning teachers will visit the blog and find helpful information on the different courses they are teaching and that it will be a place where we are able to unite ELA teachers in Edmonton with the ELA teachers in the northern areas of Alberta.  This blog is multi-faceted, but still serves one purpose: to serve the English Language Arts teacher of Edmonton and Northern Alberta.
So what are you waiting for?  Click follow on the right hand side!
Lori  : )